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Coincidence/Incidence/Interference by Alvin Huang, AIA

Coincidence/Incidence/Interference is a series of drawings that explores the layering of information into a composite reading of both the physical and the virtual. In this collection of hybrid drawings/vizualisations, we leverage the overlay as an opportunity to explore graphic representations which have a multiplicity of layers and readings as a technique for generating moiré effects. We are interested in the superimposition of multiple patterns of information (be it figural or literal) with the intent of discovering an emergent generative effect, completely defined by the perceived coincidences, incidences, and interferences produced by their overlay. The combined effect is not an addition or subtraction of the two patterns, rather it is an exponential multiplication of their effects. The emergent pattern is one which not only implies movement, it is activated by it, as the moiré effect is brought to life by the variable relationships between the two original patterns and the shifting perspectives and perceptions of the viewer.

・36” x 24”
・only one of each available

About the Artist: Alvin Huang, AIA, is the Founder & Design Principal of Synthesis Design + Architecture and an Associate Professor at the USC School of Architecture. He is an award-winning architect, designer, and educator specializing in the integrated application of material performance, emergent design technologies and digital fabrication in contemporary architectural practice. His work spans all scales ranging from hi-rise towers and mixed-use developments to temporary pavilions and bespoke furnishings.
His design work has been published and exhibited widely and has gained international recognition with over 40 distinctions at local, national, and international levels including being selected of as one of 50 global innovators under the age of 50 by Images Publishing in 2015, being featured as a ""Next Progressive"" by Architect Magazine in 2014, and being named one of Time Magazine's 25 Best Inventors of 2013. He has been an invited critic, guest lecturer, and keynote speaker at various institutions in the US, Canada, Mexico, Chile, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Israel, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and China.

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