Mircea Eni

Mircea Eni


The Marilyn Monroe Museum for Comedic Sensuality

Throughout her life Marilyn Monroe transformed from an
ordinary girl into a goddess. She kept all the personalities she had obtained in between. There are a total of infinite. These are some of them.
The sculpture is thirty-one distinct hand made white plaster volumes each associated with a distinct personality of Marilyn Monroe. These are presented in a single pile and distributed in sets of three based on the choice of its visitors. After all ten have been claimed, the final piece returns to the artist as the undesirable piece.

About the Artist: Mircea Eni is an architect and artist born in the Republic of Moldova. He is driven by primal desires to intuitively create work which can affect the spirit. His mediums range from collage and drawings to sculptures, furniture, installations and built space. Besides independently making art, he is pursuing naive and rigorous architectural expressions through Small Office: co-founded with Marshall Ford and @kasaobjects: a product design studio, co-founded with Yuki Takeshima.
He is also practicing as a Senior Designer at Sou Fujimoto Architects while co-teaching with Sou Fujimoto the Harvard University Graduate School of Design studio abroad in Tokyo. Mircea Eni’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and publications.

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