Jordan Squires

Jordan Squires


Hulu Glitches -> Series A-Z

During my Thesis Summer at SCI_Arc I streamed TV constantly to keep my self awake and working. Sometimes, about once a week, Hulu would suddenly glitch. It happened usually during the Colbert Report. Soon I realized that glitches like the ones I was seeing, most likely would not exist in a few years as steaming services improve. So I started collecting screen captures of the glitches. Later, I figured out a way to I could keep a glitch going for 2 or 3 captures at most. Anyways, this is one kind of record of summer 2014.

・series of 26 prints
・8.5” x 11”

About the Artist: Jordan Squires received a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Arts (B.A.) from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2012, and Masters in Architecture (M.A.) from Southern California Institute of Architecture (Sci-Arc) with Thesis Merit Award in 2014. Eight months before his graduation, Jordan began his carrier at the Los Angeles design studio of the multi-national architectural and engineering practice AECOM where he worked on master planning and feasibility studies on commercial, tall buildings, institutional, and professional sports including the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics. In 2016, Jordan joined EC3 where he has worked closely with Edwin Chan on the studio’s cultural and residential projects, including the Los Angeles Downtown Arts District Masterplan, and award-winning True North in Detroit, MI. Currently, Jordan is the project team leader for Google Inc. in Mountain View, CA. In addition to architectural practice, Jordan’s interest also includes photography, teaching, and research on architectural theory; his independent work has been featured in many exhibitions and publications.

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