Adrian Kay Wong

Adrian Kay Wong


Modular Series #1-10 by Adrian Kay Wong

Adrian Wong's practice often involves the construction of representational imagery through simple shapes. Much of his image-making processes involve an observation of how basic elements can be assembled into something more complex. By achieving a visual alliteration through the use of repeated and reoccurring forms, the paintings can exhibit a sense of cohesion and order to a puzzle-like arrangement. This series titled “Modular”, is a recognition of these moments that, together, act as pieces that compose Wong's larger paintings. In this series' simplicity is an appreciation of color and form.

・Painted area: 8” x 8”
・Paper size: 11” x 11”
・Medium: Oil on paper

About the Artist: Adrian Kay Wong (b. 1991) is a visual artist currently residing in Los Angeles. Wong observes the intimate and familiar by depicting daily life in isolated, encapsulated moments. Composed with a deliberate and measured simplicity, his paintings preserve a stillness that feels cohesive, sentimental, and familiar. Wong attempts to discover the inherent beauty in scenes often overlooked – the sedentary, the subtle, the unnoticed.

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