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games of deletion: rise of an interface, an augmented reality story by doorwi

games of deletion is a real scale and mixed reality platform that simplifies and interprets the radical “simulation’s theory” by nick bostrom in the format of mobile phone games. it also translates the simulation hypothesis in a political model taking into consideration the infrastructure of cities. indeed, g.o.d. aims to build a framework for future developments of the platform dealing with physical and digital content simultaneously. games of deletion features an invisible framework inspired by a general social platform model, but exclusively visualized and practiced through space.

games of deletion book



4 x 10 inches

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every book purchase will be financing the making of the game mobile application ‘games of deletion’ by doorwi. follow the progress on instagram @gamesofdeletion

︎ $80

artist info

alessio grancini is an architectural designer interested in real-time technology originally from italy, based in the city of los angeles. his practice operates between app development, design, and digital media installations. alessio joined the advanced technology department at morphosis architects in october ‘18 providing technical support in the making of “interfaces'‘, ar application featuring the morphosis installation at the milan design week 2019 for dassault systemes under the supervision of kerenza harris, director of technology at morphosis.
currently taking care of the xr work within the architectural firm alessio’s work is strictly connected with real-time visualization and interaction design. in january 2019 alessio co-founds “doorwi”. through doorwi, alessio is hacking the most updated xr templates aiming to build the ar platforms of the future.
alessio’s fondness for technology applied to design comes from the innate enthusiasm for cinematic arts as animation, vfx and sound production.

runze zhang is an xr developer originally from shanghai and currently based in la. runze practiced as a multimedia artist and digital developer who is interested in and experienced with spatial gamification and experienced in xr-interaction engineering. because of his programming skills, runze’s background in architecture easily meets game design and spatial understanding related to digital experiences.
after runze joined kilograph studio as a creative technologist in xr team during october ‘18, he became the main developer of ar/vr applications at kilograph and helped develop the controller-free gesture-based vr project “imagined landscapes” premiered at archdaily in 2019. runze is a co-founder of doorwi which aims to fuse the experience between the physical and the digital through urban interfaces. his doorwi team is developing on “games of deletion”, an urban-scale ar mural mobile game.



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