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feel flows

“feel flows” is an extrapolation of the 1960s avant-garde jazz music; utilizing the techniques of syncopation, irregular time signatures, atonality, polyphonic dissonance, and the like. i was drawn to these techniques not as a musician, but as someone entirely bored with the monotony of basic predictable patterns in music. in aesthetics, there also exists this problem with scripted forms and so i’ve sought to achieve something that goes beyond the banality of algorithmic legibility and one that goes beyond cheap “jitters”.
what avant-garde jazz did in the ‘60s, was break these pattern signifiers in a way that the patterns could not compute intellectually but could be accessed intuitively; obfuscate. we’re left aporetic. we sense the overall; the time, space, rhythm and flow; that make it up but we can’t predict it, where it’s going, or what it will do. maybe a sorta reverse apophenia.
but enough about jazz…



diptych print on canvas

46” h x 19” w per piece

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coleman butts is an artist from los angeles. he graduated from sci-arc with a bachelor of architecture degree in 2016. currently, he is the production manager at scott campbell’s studio where he worked closely with scott to produce the sculptures for his most recent exhibition “using all the freedom’s you have”, which opened at the over the influence gallery in hong kong this past december. the exhibition has since been published by juxtapoz, hypebeast, and many others. prior to working with campbell, coleman was a lead designer at fathom and form, a firm which specializes in digital and metal fabrication. before that, he was an associate at studio 440 architecture, working most notably on the recording studio for trent reznor and atticus ross. he has also worked with pro (preliminary research office), michael maltzan architecture, and koning eizenberg architecture. his work has been featured in the dopium la show in 2018+2019 as part of the la design festival as well as the “architecture, architectural, architecture” show at the a+d in 2017.