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  1. a+d design award poster
  2. designing worlds poster
  3. the future of _space poster

rotation 4
  1. aimee bollu
  2. aj atelier
  3. anther kiley
  4. berfin ataman
  5. brian giniewski
  6. btween spaces
  7. camille elston
  8. charlie kendall
  9. christina + phoebe
  10. datalands
  11. huntz liu
  12. janis ahn
  13. julie moon
  14. katherine guimapang
  15. m. jena meeks
  16. mansi shah
  17. maría m.l. larrahona
  18. nōme
  19. psychic stitch
  20. seth r. defore
  21. vickie vainionpaa
  22. yun ki cheung

rotation 3
  1. alex reed
  2. belly sesame
  3. christine bjerke
  4. dan murphy
  5. david mcleod
  6. eunbi cho
  7. gideon schwartzman
  8. hyworks
  9. julian glander
  10. kaley flowers
  11. kyong kim
  12. nancy ai
  13. manny zermeno
  14. mutuo
  15. nate hume
  16. patrick geske
  17. reese greenlee
  18. rose wong
  19. saba salekfard
  20. sara mon
  21. shin shin
  22. sinziana velicescu
  23. superset
  24. tony gonzalez

rotation 2

  1. caitlin thissin
  2. claudia wainer
  3. connor gravelle
  4. dionicio ichillumpa
  5. emily mohr
  6. evan farley
  7. harrison steinbuch
  8. heyshop
  9. iheartblob
  10. jesse hammer
  11. joel kerner
  12. john shahid
  13. jordan squires
  14. karim saleh
  15. laida aguirre
  16. michael zimmerman
  17. mircea eni
  18. reimaging
  19. sara ekua todd
  20. synthesis
  21. tamas arpadi
  22. wai think tank
  23. willliam hu
  24. yuki takeshima
  25. zack m.+will r.

rotation 1

  1. abigail coover
  2. adrian kay wong
  3. andrea anchez
  4. andreina pepe
  5. an.onymous
  6. ben warwas
  7. bryan cantley
  8. chris hoffman
  9. christine robillard
  10. clark thenhaus
  11. coleman butts
  12. common accounts
  13. constance vale
  14. dutra brown
  15. doorwi
  16. ebrahim poustinchi
  17. eli keller
  18. galo canizares
  19. george stoyanov
  20. hans koesters
  21. jack stewart castner
  22. jared white
  23. jeff halstead
  24. jonathan rieke
  25. kyle miller
  26. luciano menghini 
  27. mark ericson
  28. matthew allen
  29. medium office
  30. mike nesbit
  31. nicholas mcmillan
  32. nick kinney
  33. not neutral
  34. office kovacs
  35. outpost office
  36. preliminary research office
  37. rachael mccall
  38. shane reiner roth
  39. sports
  40. steven andrew kocher
  41. vincent pocsik
  42. walaid s. + kayleen k.
  43. weather projects
  44. zachary tate porter
  45. zeitguised


The Future of _Space

The Future of _Space Poster

photo matte paper

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12” x 18”︎ $32

24” x 36”︎ $75

The Future of _Space comes as a response to the current global situation. As physical space becomes a fractured concept and experience, permeated by concern and hesitation, new means of engaging are arising. Out of this heightened awareness, we have the opportunity to pause and consider what normal means when it comes to space, and if after this rupture, we will have to or should discover a new normal. Our social norms dictated by the spatial cues we have relied on are changing. When 6 feet of space is the closest to physical propinquity we’re allowed to feel, how then do we depend on digital frameworks and mental space to cut down the space between?

How do we find connection when digital space becomes the safest option? What does this mean for our mental, personal, public, private, and interior spaces? How does one _Space affect all these types of space? When boundaries in the physical realm become heightened, what happens to the boundaries around other _Spaces? As work and personal take place within the home on the same dining room tables, how does this affect our experience of privacy and private space? These previously distinct concepts are shifting to become hybrid experiences. Public and private now blatantly overlap, spatial cues we once unconsciously responded to are removed and reconfigured. When these _Spaces become imbued with more meaning than ever before, how do we unravel what we need out of our _Spaces and what we imbue them with habitually?

In reconciling all these shifts in reality and perception, we asked our audience, designers, artists, etc. to participate in the A+D Museum’s experimentation with this concept, in the form of a digital exhibition.

All funds from our a+d merchandise goes directly to supporting our future exhibitions and publications programming.