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RNP + RL Foil #11 - D Fin
by R. Nelson Parrish & Ryan Lovelace


During the height of the pandemic, R. Nelson Parrish collaborated with his longtime friend, surfboard shaper Ryan Lovelace. As a reaction to the disruption of material supply chains and constricted social bubbles due to COVID-19, RNP x RL reclaimed remnants of past projects to create a limited collection of artifacts that are a blend of art and design. RNP x RL shares a love of line, shape, materials, color, and light. When these elements are brought together, it blends into something special. As their studio and shop are housed in the same building, over the years, Parrish and Lovelace push, learn and influence each other in the best way possible. Our relationship typifies the water cooler effect. Our casual conversations lead to new frontiers we would not explore on our own. Utilizing reclaimed remnants from the studio, RNP x RL are handcrafted unique sculptures of balance and beauty.


Bio-Resin and Reclaimed Alaskan Birch


9" x 10.5"


R. Nelson Parrish:
Alaskan R. Nelson Parrish voices his work through color, using immersive personal experience as source material. His objects are comprised of: bio-resin, pigments, reclaimed woods, and hard work; resulting in a hybrid of painting and sculpture. Conceptually driven by the slippery etherial qualities of the expansion and contraction of time, Parrish’s work reflects upon the contradicting paradigm our current landscape as the blending of the natural versus the synthetic.

Ryan Lovelace:
"Ryan Lovelace's contribution to the world of surfboard shaping started with a desire to shape boards more than a desire to join a specific movement. And, yet, he now sits strongly in the middle of alternative surf culture. With his shaping room only blocks from the Pacific Ocean, Ryan’s designs are innovative and experimental yet remain well constructed and fun to surf. He opts for hand tools and patience, taking the time to shape truly one of a kind surfboards. Ryan is part of an emerging young group of passionate creative who are restoring a sense of culture and community in the Santa Barbara area. Like other millennials, he is combing the past for tools, imagery, and spirit, merging old methods with new, paying homage to the forefathers before him. Through making, he is bringing back a sense of real quality in his handmade surfboards" - Daniel Katz


A fundraising event, digital exhibit and auction featuring work by artists who contributed to A+D exhibits in the past year.
All funds from our auction go directly to supporting our the A+D Museum and participating artists. 

See all the artwork for auction here. 
Direct donations can be made here.

Participating artist R. Nelson Parrish contributed to the A+D Museum’s The Future of Space exhibit.
See their entry, ‘Late Sky Slantrock’ and ‘Westward Ho’ below:

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